Get Seen…. Get Listed!

Tips to Help You Market Your New Website

Part 2

One of the hardest things that I have encountered as a web designer, is understanding how to market your website. With all these words out there like SEO, SERP, META DATA, TAGS, KEYWORDS, etc… How do you navigate through them in order to get your website listed and seen by potential clients?

My main goal of this blog post is to help you better understand how to get clients to find you. To start things off, you will need to decide a marketing budget. “Are you telling me it takes money for people to find my website online?”  Yes and No. It just depends on the type of business you have as to the amount of help exposing it that you will need. Here, let me clarify… if you have a church or a ministry, chances are you are not going to need a large marketing budget for your website. Your website’s url will be readily available in a number of items such as on the church bulletin, on billboards, on church literature, etc. People will start accessing your website and traffic will begin to flow, thus creating a buzz with the search engines and your rankings will increase rapidly and with little effort.

But what if you are a new business… what if no one knows that you exist? How do you get your website seen?

Here are a few simple and FREE steps to help create some easy marketing to get you listed and seen. First, create a spreadsheet so that you can easily track all the social media and other business listing sites that you may want to use. Make sure you list their name, url, and other information, so that you will remember who you have listed with in order to make future updates.

Go to places like:


Yellow Book


Google Places

Bing Business

Yahoo Small Business


Express Data USA




Merchant Circle

These are just a few. But they are free. List your business with them. If you are unsure how to do so, Google how to list with that company and you will have all the help you need. They will also require time. Some listings will not show right away. They will send you a postcard and you will have to enter a special code once you receive it. But places like Superpages and Yellow Book will actually verify you quite quickly and your listing will be visible within hours. But for the most part, listing your business website yourself, will take time and patience.

If you want to list quickly and you have a few extra dollars in your marketing budget, then you may want to look into something like For a fee, they will help you get listed in a large laundry list of online venues.

I hope that this has helped you along your way in getting your new or existing website listed and seen!

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