Clients often ask me ‘How do I market my website?’

Tips to Help You Market Your New Website Pt1

Part 1

Most people are under the assumption that just because you now have a beautiful website online and visible to the world, that the ‘world’ is going to be able to find it… and that customers will start pouring in from every direction because you are now on the world wide web. But sadly enough, this is not the case.

Let me take some time with you and explain how being ‘visible’ actually works…

Having a new website simply means that you are now officially a tenant of the world wide web. It means that you are basically renting a small piece of cyber space (via hosting service) and that you have set up residency (your website). But just because you have ‘moved in’ to your new ‘home’ doesn’t necessarily mean that clients will find you. Even though we optimize each site that we build (making your site pleasing to search engines), doesn’t mean that the search engines will automatically pick up every key word that is associated to your site.

This is where marketing your site comes into play. You have to ‘drive’ traffic to your site. This can be done in such a wide range of ways that it is too much to mention all of them here. Some people will hire what is called a SEO (search engine optimization) company to do this for them. And these can be extremely pricey, especially for the small business owner on a shoe string budget. But there are many other ways to drive traffic to your site. All it takes is a little know how and a lot of elbow grease.

Here are the things that I share with my clients concerning marketing on a shoe string budget… find ways of advertising your site for free. This can be done through such social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Manta or LinkedIn (just to name a few). Facebook also offers a wide range of Facebook Pages that cater to self business promotion. Search out which ones fit your particular needs and join them. Branch Out is also offered by Facebook and is another free source to market your site.

Come up with an indepth description of your business that can be used in what we call a meta content. The more detailed the better. Come up with an indepth but brief description of each of your websites interal pages as well. The search engines pull on this data to help give page description and keyword finders for webpages in this manner. So the more detailed the better. Come up with keywords for each page of your site so that we may add these to the meta content. All of this will enhance your search engine chances. These are things that need to be carefully thought out and given to us at the time of actual web development.

Print business cards with your new web address on it… customize your vehicle with a small vinyl url on the back windshield. Be creative. These are ways of creating a guerilla marketing campaign. Which is a small but aggressive form of getting the word on the street about your new site.

The one marketing tip that I highly recommend and have found great success for some of my past clients is Google Adwords. This is great for any budget as it is pay as you go advertising. Only have $10 one month for marketing? That’s totally fine as far as their concerned, because they will stop the ad once it reaches that limit. No overages. I simply love this marketing tool because you have complete control over every aspect. You create your own ads, choose your own keywords, and fill in your own budget. To find out more about how this marketing tool works click this link

There are so many other ways in order to market your site. But all of them take time, patience and diligence. A website needs time to marinate in cyberspace. It takes time for a search engine to grasp the concept that your site now resides within their domain. People ask me how long does it take for a site to generate a steady flow of traffic… and that is very difficult to answer due to all of the marketing strategies that different people will employ. But I think that its safe to say that it usually takes a year. PLEASE understand me, if your url has the direct name of your business, people will be able to find you instantaneously as the search engine will automatically pull up the name that is keyed into it’s search box. What I am referring to is the search engines’ abilities to find your site via keywords. For example, let’s say you have a bakery; the key words that I would be referring to are doughnuts, cakes, desserts. And that is only if you are applying a very specific marketing tactic in order to drive specific clients to your site via those keywords.

Marketing may seem complex at first, but once you get the hang of it a literal world of opportunities open. Here are a few sites that I recommend checking out on this subject:


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