How to Prepare for a Website

Hi, I’m a web designer from Studio T Productions and I wanted to share a few helpful tips for people who are about to hire a designer. Most people who hire web designers to create a website for them are not aware that they will have a HUGE role to play in the creation of their own site. Some feel overwhelmed when the process begins. You get hit with questions left and right. It’s sort of like being handed a huge homework assignment and having only days to complete it.

A web designer is just that, a designer. We create a design, build a site to house that design and then add textual content to complete the process. The ‘textual content’ comes from the client. Yes, designers will do the finishing work on all textual content in order to help with SEO. But for the most part, the ‘guts’ of the site will come from you.

Here are a few quick tips to help you prepare for your website’s content and to help reduce your stress;

  1. Figure out how many pages that you want your site to have. Give purposeful thought to the naming of your pages. Make the names clear and easy for navigational use.
  2. Think about design. What colors do you want to use? Do you want to compliment your logo? Do you want the focus more on the photos in your site than on the background? Do you need special graphics? These are all things that you will need to think about before you start the design process.
  3. Focus on one page at a time. List what you want to convey to your viewers/customers concerning each individual page. Make sure to incorporate key words and key phrases into the text in a meaningful way. Keep things clear and clean of clutter, getting straight to the point. Most people only surf a page for 10 seconds and if nothing catches their attention, you’ve lost them. So keep it direct and eye appealing. Use at least one colorful photo per page. This will help draw the eye’s attention and help to hold your viewer/customer.
  4. Break each page down into a separate email for easier handling when sending the information to your web designer. Trust me; they will thank you for this.
  5. List all of your social media links. If you don’t utilize social media, start. It will help greatly in SEO rankings.
  6. List all of your contact information, hours of operation, etc.

These are just a few simple steps to help you on your way. Your designer will have more questions specific to your site when the process begins. But these 6 points  will help to reduce your initial stress and help you to prepare for your website’s creation.

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